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Ireland is an island nation and its marine infrastructure is perhaps one of its most critical elements. Navigational aids are essential for safe access to our ports and harbours, which are in turn needed for the import and export of goods, as well as being the traditional primary ingress point for tourists entering the country.

Without regular inspection, maintenance and service, these aids to navigation can be a serious safety threat to both the professional mariner and the ships’ passengers and cargo. Commercial vessel and pleasure craft moorings as well as other marine structures must similarly be routinely inspected and maintained. Other marine structures include aquaculture facilities, wave and wind energy generating systems and meteorological data buoys to name just a few.
Hitherto having been maintained by and on behalf of Irish Lights, the responsibility for the navigational aids has recently been passed on to the local authorities. Historically vessel traffic maintenance services (VTMS) have been contracted out to various UK based companies. CBMS, which is currently the only Irish VTMS contractor, has gained a reputation for quality service at a competitive price. Attached is a summary of some past jobs of a similar nature as well as their associated references.

During its initial development, CBMS has been very conscious to source product and materials from Irish manufacturers wherever possible. Their current work platform was manufactured in Killybegs, Co. Donegal.



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